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Abhishek Saini, a data scientist by profession, biker by choice and a social entrepreneur at heart is the co-founder of Those in Need. He embarked on this journey of connecting Volunteers and Social Organizations almost 3 years back. With a Masters degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, he holds expertise in business development and statistical analysis. His key responsibilities at TIN include: overall expansion of the organization, brand building and expansion of TIN’s communicative capacity. He is appreciated for his thought leadership and street smart attitude.

Meeting new people, encountering interesting stories and undertaking adventurous road trips on his beloved bullet 350 are Abhishek's prime interests. He recently completed a ride of 6,677 KM from Delhi to Kanyakumari and the next destination on his wish list is the Mecca of all trips-a road trip to the icy Leh-Ladakh.


Shreya Bhatia

Shreya Bhatia, girl with the nerves of steel and a firm believer of the phrase, I CAN, is the co-founder of Those in Need. Since her formative years, she has been involved in activities promoting societal welfare and community collaboration. She feels that interacting with people, understanding their perspectives and having an element of adventure to life are the best ways to keep her body and mind fit. She is responsible for Event Designing, Community Outreach Efforts and Brand Building of TIN. We all look forward to this Delhi Kudi for her multi-tasking abilities and her quintessential charm.

Shreya’s formal education is in the field of economics and international trade, but since she was a kid, her true calling has been dance. She has pursued it relentlessly and delivered many award-winning performances throughout her college days. Recently she choreographed and directed 350-400 children for the global Dance for Kindness event.


Ishan Saran
Head of Strategy

Ishan Saran, an Advertising & Brand Management professional has been a member of the TIN team since its inception. He has donned multiple hats at TIN: business pitch developer, content curator and relationship manager. Currently he is leading the Strategy outlook development for Those in Need. He deals with planning, collaboration and the future outlook of the organization.He draws major inspiration from his favorite club Arsenal’s coach, Arsene Wenger.

He did his graduation from Thapar University, Patiala. Hailing from the analytics background in the ad-tech industry, he is acutely data driven. Ishan has a scholastic bend and immerses himself in big, fat books on world social and political history.When not reading, he can be found surfing for football news on internet. He is a huge sports enthusiast and also a big-time foodie, and can cook lamb in 10 different styles!


Jyotsana Gaba
Head of Operations

Jyotsana Gaba is Those in Need’s on ground rock-star. She is leading operations at Those in Need. Jyotsana is a free-spirited and an extremely enthusiastic individual. Her expertise in people and event management has earned her accolades from all organizations she has associated herself with. With desires to never grow up and have a rickety ride for life, she is our go to person when things go wrong.

Jyotsana was bit by a travel bug early on in her life and can be found unwinding at many locations around the globe. She is our in-house artist and chef. She loves spreading happiness using her creative acumen.


Anchal Goyal
Head of Marketing

Anchal Goyal, is a consulting professional by day and a Foodie/Painter/Bookworm by night. Anchal is an outgoing person, she has extensive training in all mediums of painting and she has a flair for developing personal brands. These are some of the abilities which make her our in-house marketing magnet. She is the head of Marketing for Those in Need. Her basket of responsibilities includes, overseeing all the promotional content, collaborative tie-ups, and marketing associations. Anchal has a special soft corner for under-privileged kids and has taken up many fund raising/volunteering opportunities with organizations working in this field.

Anchal holds a post-graduate degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. Her love for food and designing has shaped her biggest dream of opening a restaurant. Her affinity for beaches and has taken her to 7 different counties in the past couple of years to satisfy the inner explorer in her. She regularly practices Pranic Healing and Meditation to take a break from her daily schedule and rejuvenate.