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Interaction at TIN is at two levels. At one level, it bringsa large number ofCSOs to a common platform by making them accessible to the beneficiaries. At another level, byserving as the mediating organization, TIN expands the scope of interaction among the key participants. It simplifies the way different stakeholders connect with each other proactively.

TIN facilitates a number of key interactions: CSOs can easily reach a group of young energetic volunteerswho identify with a social cause and choose to join a CSO of their interest; donors can directly extend their support without much hassle; schoolsand colleges can join hands with the patrons of social change.


NGOs: Responsibility Redefined
Society:The Kind Initiatives
Volunteers: The Brigade of Change
Workplace: Companions for Compassion

  • NGOs:

    By advocating equity, providing care to the disadvantaged and emphasizing sustainability, NGOs have become the primary participants in TIN's network of associations. Within a very short period of time, TIN has managed to establish association with NGOs working on issues such as, personal and sexual health, child education, women empowerment, animal rights, blood donation and environment protection, etc.


    By acknowledging any significant effort of a small or a big organization directed towards a better society, TIN shares its platform with various self-funded organization, online & offline campaigns run by groups of enthusiastic individuals and college/universities societies. TIN sees the prospect of change in every single step and thus brings all these initiatives to the fore.


    The contribution of young volunteers is truly remarkable because of their selfless and spirited service to different causes. TIN reaches these prospective volunteers through online & offline mediums, connects them to various CSO activities and facilitates interaction between them. The demanding yet delightful journey of volunteers at TIN has not only helped individual volunteers to grow and learn from every experience, but has also impacted several lives.


    TIN extends its association with various educational institutions and corporates, proposing theirpotential to contribute to social welfare. Bymaking alliance with various school and colleges, it facilitates students' engagement in social events organized by NGOs or similar organizations. TIN connects with corporates to encourage, refine and expand their avenues of corporate social responsibility.

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