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Event Description

Letter Earthlings is a project designed to spread love, kindness and happiness through hand-written letters. After our first event in Delhi with more than 50 people we are announcing our next Letter Earthlings event to celebrate the special bond of brother and sister. 

Here's a unique way to celebrate and surprise your sibling or a cousin who's far away from you this Raksha Bandhan or if you'd like to simply let them know that they are awesome, appreciated and loved. You can request for letters by filling out the mandatory questions below. (We’d love if you filled out the optional ones as well!)

You can send in a request through the form: https://goo.gl/TQmFQm

Join us at our letter writing circle on July 29th. All you need to do is to come along to write some old school snail mail and bring along any amazing stationary if you’d like, we'll do the rest 🙂

What’s in store? Coffee and camaraderie for a fun time to write letters of love, hope and inspiration to strangers all over the world, to people who deserve a little extra loving. In these days of cell phones, email and texts, the art of writing letters can seem hopelessly outdated. But it’s an art worth bringing back – receiving a handwritten letter will always offer an experience that modern technology cannot touch.

Why? It’s heartwarming for a recipient to know that strangers have taken the time to just sit down and write them a letter.

Here’s how it works:

1. We receive letter requests from individuals through our google form; for their friends, family, colleagues or maybe even themselves. These requests maybe for someone going through a tough or just for someone who needs to reminded of their awesomeness.

2. We then come together at events like this and write letters to the requests received.

We beautifully wrap them and send these bundles of letters out to the recipient as an anonymous package via snail mail to spread some cheer!

3. And one fine day the recipient receives this bundle of handwritten letters filled with love and compassion from different parts of the world :)

Come join us, write some old school snail mail and spread kindness!

Register to attend: https://goo.gl/04hmbe (Registration is mandatory to attend the event)

For partnership or collaboration please drop us an email on thegoodwilltribe.delhi@gmail.com 


Event Details

  • Name: Letter Earthlings - Special Bonds
  • Cause: Good Health & Well-Being
  • Start Date: 2017-07-29 12:00 PM
  • End Date: 2017-07-29 08:00 PM