Thank You Letter To Parents

05:00 PM
Greenr Cafe, Shahpur Jat, Delhi, Delhi, 110049, India.

Event Summary

The Goodwill Tribe - Delhi and Those In Need brings to you Letter Earthlings - Thank You Letter To Parents , where we are inviting you to write letters to your parents. These letters will remain confidential and be delivered to your parents’ respective addresses. We will close the evening with a circle of sharing with each other to talk about our parents’ sacrifices, their upbringing and anything else that your heart wants to share.

A conversation with our parents sometimes isn’t the best way to communicate because of how fast it all happens, how emotional it can get, or because you may not ever be able to find a time where you both are open for a conversation. Writing a letter can be helpful for many reasons including:
1. It gives us time to organize our thoughts
2. We can re-read the entire letter and rewrite it if you want. In a conversation, once it is out, we can’t take it back.
3. We can share our entire situation and feelings without interruption.

So we invite you to be with us and write your heart out for your parents!

Date: 16th December, 2017

Location: Greenr Cafe, Shahpur Jat ( 416, Gora Street, Delhi-110049)
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Time: 5-9 pm

Entry Fee: INR 100 

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Paytm INR 100 to 9711158343 and mention your transaction ID in the registration form.




Greenr Cafe, Shahpur Jat, Delhi, Delhi, 110049, India.